Common Threads

Back when I was a college radio DJ, I really enjoyed mashing up new and old music, electronica and folk, post-modern and Classical – you get the picture. Part of the fun was finding that common thread tying one track to the next, maybe a closely-related key signature or a similar rhythmic phrase, sometimes even a shared word in a band name, something to justify placing one otherwise-unrelated track next to another, next to another… Another big part of the fun was knowing that many of the people listening hadn’t heard of most of the music before; they were learning something new, and hopefully enjoying it enough to seek out more.

I’ve created a playlist in this spirit; some of these artists I’ve listened to for years, some I’ve come across within the past few months, some rock, some electronica, and a number of works from PARMA artists as well. The selection is pretty diverse, but see if you can find some connecting threads interwoven throughout – enjoy!

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