Taking the Stage: The ZFO in Concert with Shlomo Mintz

 The Zagreb Festival Orchestra has been packing their recording and concert performance schedule since their reinstatement at the end of 2018. From recording projects ranging from Kennedy Center soundtracks to orchestral releases with Navona Records, the ZFO has hardly left the recording halls empty. Simultaneously, the ZFO has begun filling their performance schedule with appearances... Continue Reading →

Concert for Humanity a Timely Success

On November 17th, 2018, over 150 musicians and hundreds of audience members gathered in the South Main Baptist Church in Houston TX for a program that was as thrilling as it was timely and compelling. The Concert for Humanity, put on by the Boniuk Institute's Arts of Tolerance and its Executive Director Raul Edwards, celebrated... Continue Reading →

Dan Perttu: Bringing Music to Life

We make music. It sounds terrific. But the work is not done once the music is made - in fact, that is only the beginning. Once music is created, it must be spread to listening ears, through albums as well as live performances. Composer Daniel Perttu is doing just that with his overture, To Spring, a... Continue Reading →

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