The Inside Story: Anthony Brandt and MATERNITY/ULYSSES, HOME

Multi-award-winning composer Anthony Brandt brings us MATERNITY / ULYSSES, HOME, which includes two very distinct compositions with libretti. Brandt earned his degrees from Harvard University and the California Institute of the Arts, and his catalog includes three chamber operas as well as orchestral, chamber, vocal, theater, dance, and television scores, and sound-and-art installations. Maternity for soprano... Continue Reading →

The Inside Story: Dave Camwell and SECOND WIND

Saxophonist Dave Camwell’s interpretations of music from Baroque to contemporary periods on SECOND WIND demonstrate the capabilities of the instrument in music spanning three centuries. Camwell's album features his saxophone arrangements for Classical works from Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi, as well as great works of the 20th and 21st centuries including those from Robert Muczynski... Continue Reading →

The Inside Story: Sophya Polevaya and ELECTRIC SCENT

For her debut release on Ravello Records, ELECTRIC SCENT, composer and saxophonist Sophya Polevaya presents a series of electroacoustic miniatures. Its inspiration: floriography and perfume. Sophya’s journey as a musician began with classical training on several instruments. She then became immersed in more experimental forms of performance, in particular electroacoustic improvisation, with an interest in... Continue Reading →

The Inside Story: Matthew Detrick and WITHIN EARTH

Violinist, chamber musician, and entrepreneur Matthew J. Detrick is an emerging leader in the professional arts world. He is co-founder, executive and artistic director of Apollo Chamber Players, an internationally-acclaimed chamber music ensemble on the cutting edge of creative, programmatic performance and the commissioning of multicultural new music. Houston TX based Apollo Chamber Players “performs... Continue Reading →

The Inside Story: Yuan-Chen Li and FIGMENTS 2

Yuan-Chen Li first arrived on the contemporary music scene in Taiwan with her very personal use of instrumentation and style in her chamber music piece Zang (the funeral) in 2000. In 2003, the expression and orchestration of her orchestral work Awakening won the prize at the 2003 Asian Music Festival in Tokyo from the Asian Composers’ League,... Continue Reading →

The Inside Story: Hans Bakker and FIGMENTS 2

After finishing his studies in piano, church organ, and choral conducting in Utrecht, Hans Bakker began teaching piano at music schools in two places in the Netherlands. Apart from his teaching practice, he conducted two choirs and was active in the improvisational music scene. His career in music was followed by the study of Sanskrit... Continue Reading →

The Inside Story: Lela Kaplowitz and TO ONE

World-renowned jazz vocalist Lela Kaplowitz’s mission is to stimulate, entertain, and show beauty. Singing professionally since she was 16 years old, Lela has performed with many prominent musicians and groups from The Duke Ellington Orchestra to 2Cellos, and has performed at NYC’s most prestigious venues, including most recently at her Carnegie Hall debut for the... Continue Reading →

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