Visionary String Quartets

Four bows, sixteen strings, one cohesive performance. The sound of the string quartet is instantly recognizable, with the tight harmonies and warm timbre of each instrument inviting audiences to lean in and listen closely. In Visionary String Quartets, we have gathered a selection of the many string quartet highlights in our catalog. From classical repertoire and contemporary... Continue Reading →


After finishing his studies in piano, church organ, and choral conducting in Utrecht, composer Hans Bakker began teaching piano at music schools in the Netherlands. Apart from his teaching practice, he conducted two choirs and was active in the improvisational music scene. After graduation from the University of Amsterdam, he returned to music, becoming completely... Continue Reading →

“Letters from the Road” – The China Tours

PARMA Recordings' first tour of China kicked off this summer, with artists packing their bags for the upcoming opportunities abroad. Over the past couple months, we've watched from afar with pride as ensembles made their way through debut tours across China - a nation eager to welcome and experience Western culture and music. Axiom Quartet... Continue Reading →

COMING SOON: Apollo Chamber Players – European Folkscapes Apollo Chamber Players 2013-2014 Season PreviewPARMA Recordings is pleased to announce a new project in collaboration with the Houston-based Apollo Chamber Players. PARMA’s imprint label Navona Records will be releasing Apollo’s debut album EUROPEAN FOLKSCAPES in early 2014.This album is an exploration of the traditional folk melodies of Europe and will engage listeners with... Continue Reading →

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