The Inside Story: Matthew Burtner and GLACIER MUSIC

Matthew Burtner is an Alaskan-born composer, sound artist, and eco-acoustician, whose music and research explores embodiment, climate change, polymetrics, and noise. First Prize winner of the Musica Nova International competition and an IDEA Award winner, Matthew’s music has also received honors and prizes from Bourges (France), Gaudeamus (Netherlands), Darmstadt (Germany), and The Russolo (Italy) international competitions.... Continue Reading →

Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day

Did you know that July 31st is Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day? This week’s unusual holiday reminds instrument lovers to think outside the musical box and try something new. According to sources, Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day “aims to encourage people to not only learn to play . . . uncommon instruments but also to make their... Continue Reading →


Fry Street Quartet's debut album on Navona Records THE CROSSROADS PROJECT was released in September of last year. Collaborated with physicist Dr. Robert Davies, the album features works by composers Libby Larsen and Laura Kaminsky, which were commissioned to explore a musical landscape that speaks to the crisis of climate change and an imminently unsustainable human world... Continue Reading →

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