Branding In Music

There has always been the existence of branding in music.  Take the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, and Dream Theater for example, just to name a few.  By manipulating the typography and incorporating other elements of design into their names, they have created logo marks that visually present themselves in an extremely cohesive and consistent manner.

Creating an identity doesn’t even have to be extremely elaborate, it can be as simple as a unique font or layout of design elements. With recurring clients and artists with multiple releases, we try to take these elements and ideas into account to give their releases a consistent look.  If you look at Sergio Cervetti’s NAZCA AND OTHER WORKS, KEYBOARD3, and WIND DEVIL & CO., you can easily see the consistency through the treatment of his name.  Through typeface, placement, and subtle manipulation of the letters, we have created a distinctive logo mark that can easily be recognized and related back to his music. This same principle was also applied to Yves Ramette’s name in his CASCADING INTO THE REVERIE and WITH PASSION.

Another slightly different example of branding in our design work can be seen in Joseph Summer’s SHAKESPEARE CONCERT SERIES.  For each release, we have kept the same layout and typefaces, and have also kept a similar color scheme throughout to keep the albums tied together visually.  Looking at SHAKESPEARE’S MEMORY and THE FAIR OPHELIA, one can easily see they belong together.

The use of visual identity and branding has many levels of importance.  Consistent representation can greatly increase recognition among consumers and fans, and even gives a stronger sense of legitimacy, which can lead to higher confidence in the music and artist.  Although the quality of music carries great importance regarding an artist or album’s success, being instantly recognized across all platforms through consistency in design carries almost as much weight.

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