Bob Lord, My Record Producer: A Note From Lawrence Ball On Release Day

Today is release day for our labels, and we are proud to present ENERGY DIAMOND by my friend, the magical man Lawrence Ball, among them.

Our first project together was the electronic album METHOD MUSIC, co-produced by myself and Pete Townshend of The Who, and it made quite the impression on its launch.  I hope this excellent album – a collection of live performances by living players – does the same.

Lawrence wrote a note about me and the release that he asked to have posted on our blog.  And, of course, being a human being who admittedly gets a bit of a tickle reading lovely things about himself, I graciously agreed!  Below is that note.

Thanks Lawrence –

Bob Lord
CEO, PARMA Recordings


Nearly 6 years ago I was contacted by a gentleman wanting to discuss my music.

That can’t be right. Was he really serious after my 35 years at that point of unrecognised composition? Was he real?

Anyhow, I spoke with this gentleman about many things including the 9 against 2 cross rhythm I was experimenting with at that time. 

(It’s quite magical, you first play 3 against 2, then you play the first and third beat of a three beat subdivision of each of the three beats.)

Bob and I hit it off from phone one.

Bob has a giant background in many forms of music. He understood my spanning The Who, Soft Machine and Pink Floyd right across to classical, electronic, jazz and world music, which is always an exciting discussion. 

His giant music spirit reminds me of Frank Zappa’s – his creativity, and huge nurturing energy also, is that vamped.

He is an oxygen tank of big musical feeling and insight. 

What some don’t realise is that Bob has behind him an accomplished, spirited trio – Dreadnaught – of prolific rock music also informed by many genres.

And his Italian background makes for a deep respect for artists, which feels great to me. A cultural father at half my age!

Navona, his classical label, is renowned for high quality album production, in acoustics and graphics, as well as effective and respected promotion. 

Navona’s quality of music and the span of colours is excellent. It is a testimony to the many tongues of speaking that music today inhabits.

Bob kindly suggested we release an album of my festival performances, ENERGY DIAMOND, which is out today.

This collection spans 16 years and is a good start at making known my score performances (not my only musical format, to be sure) to the audience who already embrace my computer-generated/layered music album on Navona. 

I visited Navona’s HQ whilst travelling in the USA in 2012, and was applauded well for an impromptu improvisation on the company grand piano. 

It was great to meet the team who had supported my first release. Real and virtual (and virtuous) entities in human form…

I am enormously excited for my second Navona release, which you can find here:


Lawrence Ball

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