Bert the Cat and the PARMA Anniversary

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This king, who is so elegantly laying across the cloud of blankets and plush pillows above, is the one and only Bert the Cat. This is not just any cat, we might add, this handsome man, with perky ears, white paws, and the most serious of stares is the PARMA cat.

The PARMA cat? You may be asking, How is he, of all the cats,  the PARMA cat? 

Well, friends, yes, we have traveled around the world and back again sharing photos of the many cats we’ve come across and the stories in which they tell on our recording adventures, but this cat tops it all.

Bert has been with PARMA since day one. On this day, nine years ago, PARMA began with just a few passionate minds coming together to “make music that sounds terrific,” with Bert purring by their side.

Each night, when not traveling the world, meeting staple composers and symphonies for projects, Bert has sat upon the lap of PARMA CEO Bob Lord.

It has been an incredible nine years for PARMA and Bert. Let’s put our hands together for a round of “appaws” to acknowledge our favorite mascot, and of course, the celebration and birth of PARMA Recordings, the music publishing label that began with just one project and is about to bring you a 500th.

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