Benjamin Britten Centennial

As many of you may know, the late English composer, conductor and pianist Benjamin Britten’s (1913-1976) centennial birthday is approaching this Friday.  Britten was a largely influential 20th century composer who wrote various works for opera, chamber, vocal, and orchestral music – some of the most famous being “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” and the “War Requiem.”

To celebrate his 100th birthday the Britten-Pears Foundation launched the “Britten 100” at the Royal College of Music’s Britten Theatre, the British Library unveiled a “Music of Benjamin Britten” exhibit, the Royal Mint unveiled a 50 cent piece featuring Britten (the first ever composer on mint), and performances of his works have happened at Carnagie Hall, the Metropolitan Opera, and the Los Angeles Opera.

To commemorate this influential composer’s life’s work, we have shared a work of Benjamin’s that is in the PARMA catalog from the 2011 release SPREZZATURA.  Below, listen to “Lachrymae. Op. 48” performed by Shelly Tramposh (viola) and Cullan Bryant (piano).

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