August 2019 Album Reviews

Each month, PARMA has the pleasure of not only releasing powerful works by our artists, but also seeing the positive impact that these works have on listeners. Read on for a selection of what the press had to say about the latest releases from Navona, Ravello, and Ansonica Records.

[Featured Image: The Crossing in concert. Photo credit: Becky Oehlers Photography]

“One of the finer choral albums of the year.”

Cinemusical on THE ARC IN THE SKY

“The Jitro Girls Choir is one of the finest ensembles of the kind.”

Gramophone on IN HEAVEN

“In all cases there is a virtually perfect synchronicity between work and performance. And that is an excellent thing.”


“Koplow’s humanitarian values come fully to the fore in How Sweet the Sound, which … emphasize[s] the belief that God’s love and inspiration are available to everyone always.”


“…excel[s] at putting a great deal of skill and technique into writing music that, entirely without irony, pretends that most of the past century-plus of music history never happened..”

Records International on PIANO QUARTETS 1 & 2

“…shifting between styles with grace and ease.”

Songlines on A PATH OF LIGHT

“…a sampling of the best of Cuban music, bringing together Afro-Cuban rhythms, rural traditions and Spanish influenced guitars.”

World Music Central on ESPONTÁNEO

“…a virtuosic showstopper for the quartet’s bravura.”

Winnipeg Free Press on QUADRANTS VOL. 3

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