August 2012 Release Day

We are proud to announce the release of our August 2012 albums on Navona and Ravello! SEEKING & FINDING, PAPER CLIPS, PARADIGMS, BIRDSONG IN MIST, THE PALEST ROSE, and TOWARD THE LIGHT are now available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and many others. Click “Read More” for more information on each release.

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Navona Records NV5877

Natural beauty, emotion, and enlightenment. These are but a few of the common threads of this album of choral works by two composers whose pointed explorations of humanity resonate in perfect pitch. Working with texts from ancient Sanskrit literature and the poetry of Gibran and Joyce, Hans Bakker (b. 1945) and Howard Richards (1927-2010) share an ability to steer the chorus through the sea of human emotion and experience, artfully portraying the epiphanous, the spiritual, and the joyous with profundity and depth.

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Navona Records NV5879

For too long the trombone has been ignored as a central instrument in contemporary music. On PAPER CLIPS, trombonist Andy Malloy proves the instrument’s capabilities of being a driving force and, along with pianist Karolina Rojahn, its collaborative appeal. An unabashed champion for the trombone, Malloy commissioned each work on this album specifically to expand the repertoire of this often-overlooked instrument.

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Navona Records NV5880

PARADIGMS explores the notion that music of varied influences, backgrounds, and techniques can be presented as a criterion of modern classical as a whole. With orchestral works that dive into the dramatic and expressive, ponder the impressionistic, and compare the peaceful with the chaotic, this album posits that music of all studies, influences, and methods of creation are pieces of a larger puzzle that shape the American contemporary soundscape.

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Kim Halliday
Ravello Records RR7844

Collection of 20 instrumental works from British composer/pianist Kim Halliday. Halliday combines his experience in film composition with his penchant for narrative melody to craft piano-driven miniatures that simultaneously haunt and soothe the listener. On BIRDSONG IN MIST, Halliday’s less-is-more ideology and his ability to let musical ideas roam leave plenty of power to the imagination, providing the perfect soundtrack to your inner thoughts.

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Mark Vigil
Ravello Records RR7847

Collection of works for solo piano, chamber ensemble, chorus, and orchestra on which Oregon-based composer Mark Vigil strives to appeal to the listener’s heart, urging them to respond to the beauty of the music itself. This release serves as a retrospective of Vigil’s varied works for a variety of configurations, and serves as an astute sampling of his compositional output as a whole.

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Elaine Huckle
Ravello Records RR7848

Lifelong mezzo-soprano Elaine Huckle’s celebration of her recovery from breast cancer, and a testament to her willpower to continue a vibrant singing career. With this album – featuring performances of works by masters including Handel, Brahms, and Schubert – Huckle hopes to inspire others to press on and follow their hearts. In her own words, “This is not my story. This is everybody’s story.”

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