Art in Series

It is always great when we understand up front if a composer or performer has a body of work that might span multiple releases on one of our labels. We often approach the art differently when we know there will be a series of releases. We create a unique look and feel that can carry across all the albums through consistent use of imagery and type. We are essentially creating identities for them, much like an advertising agency does for its clients. It is proven that repetition of certain elements creates a lasting picture in the viewer’s mind that can increase awareness of the music and the series.

Here are a few examples of our releases that use this philosophy in their album art:


Coro Allego’s artwork is standardized to emphasize that each album is part of a series, but the “standard” was developed with a lot of flexibility in mind. The first two releases in the series feel very different, but still retain similarity through the type and image proportions.


The McCormick Percussion Group’s releases evolved over time. Though each one is slightly different the consistency is created through the configuration of the title text and through the use of similar imagery.

To learn more about Coro Allegro’s album, visit For The McCormick Percussion Group, go to

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