Art and Music, A Natural Pair | Matthew Cusick

Art and music, a natural pair. Both are interpretive and expressive so it makes sense for the two to come together in our package designs. PARMA’s Design Department is constantly cultivating new relationships with talented fine artists with hopes to collaborate on album designs. This creates both more unique covers for PARMA’s artists and helps to bring the fine artists’ work to a new expanded audience.

One such artist we have partnered with is Matthew Cusick. states, “Matthew Cusick is an artist to know, understand and admire. Inspired by topography, he uses vintage map cutouts as a surrogate for paint and creates the most compelling pieces of art. Each image is meticulously pieced together by pasting small map-snippets into either beautiful portraits or wide spatial landscapes.

When it came time to create the cover art for Matthew Malsky’s album, GEOGRAPHIES & GEOMETRIES we immediately thought of Cusick’s artwork. There was an obvious and immediate connection to the theme of the album, both visually and sonically. We were thrilled to facilitate the collaboration and we are all very proud of the result.


To learn more about Matthew Cusick’s artwork please visit:

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