Art And Music, A Natural Pair

Art and music, a natural pair. Both are interpretive and expressive so it is natural for the two to come together in our package designs. Album art is an important part of any release as it is often the first contact the listener will have with the album. Much like increased curb appeal draws people into your home, the cover art must both compel the viewer to engage it, as well as accurately depict the music inside.

PARMA has recently made connections with some really talented fine artists. This effort has a dual purpose: unique artwork will create a strong, iconic visual impact for the album, and it also helps to bring these artists’ work to a new audiences. Support of artists of any type is central to our core philosophy at PARMA.

One such artist we have partnered with is Mark Chadwick. Mark’s main area of interest is in painting and his recent works have involved the process of making marks with tools and mechanical objects such as toy cars. We are really pleased to work with him.

Chadwick’s work has been featured on Sydney Hodkinson’s SHIFTING TREKS, a recent Navona Records release.

Fluid Painting Number 5, seen on the cover of SHIFTING TREKS

Please visit Mark’s site to check out all his latest exhibitions and view his work ranging from paintings to video pieces:

If you are an artist who is interested in having your works considered for album art, please feel free to contact me.

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