April & May Highlights From PARMA

April and May have brought exciting worldwide airplay and reviews to some of PARMA’s artists! Below is a highlight reel of the noteworthy recognition our albums have been receiving during these months. 

John Rojak‘s newest album ROJAK ROCKS, released in January 2016 on Navona Records, was been featured in the May issue of Gramophone to high acclaim. “Consciously using Beethoven as a symphonic model while flaunting the fluency of a Hindersmith and the lyrical punch of a Copland, it’s like a parallel universe in which trombones are the coolest solo instruments,” says reviewer Laurence Vittes. This is just one of the seven Gramophone album reviews PARMA garnered in the last year. 

ROJAK ROCKS is now available for purchase on Amazon!

Another review came from music critic Norman Cahn of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN for Francesca Arnone and Mikylah McTeer’s Ravello Records album REACT. Cahn exclaimed, “Listening to Luminosity immediately sparked my nostalgia for the opening scenes from Indian Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark,” and that the “Flanging and percussive reverberation effects, like festering buzzards, take the listener to dense tropical forests.” 
You can purchase REACT on Amazon today.

In other news, renowned international cello soloist, Carmine Miranda’s Navona release SCHUMANN | DVOŘÁK is one of the June 2016 Naxos Featured Titles! Miranda’s interpretations of the works of Dvořák and Schumann’s work come from several years of historic research and performance experience that in turn have lead him to discover new secrets within the scores. Miranda has made connections to embedded codes and underlying meanings within Schumann’s work that point to a different vision than the norm. 
Carmine Miranda’s newest album can be purchased on Amazon.

We’d also like to share with you some of the notable airplay PARMA received during May and April. We are proud to say that all of PARMA’s April and May releases have received airplay since their release, spanning over the airways of several continents, including Canada, France, Indonesia, South Africa and New Zealand!

There has been an impressive amount of airplay of BLURRED BOUNDARIES by the Apollo Chamber Players, which can be purchased here on Amazon. The Navona Records artist’s previous 2014 Navona release, EUROPEAN FOLKSCAPES, continues to gain repeated plays, inlcuding on WQXR.

Contemporary composer Rain Worthington‘s DREAM VAPORS has also seen a large amount of airplay across an incredible 11 different stations spanning the US, Canada Indonesia, the UK and South Africa! The album is available for purchase on Amazon now. 

As you can see we have had a great couple of months here at PARMA and we are looking forward to sharing all the new and exciting things June has in store! 

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