April 2013 Releases on Navona Records

Today Navona Records releases four PARMA-produced albums: DANCES OF ETERNITY, A SINGLE BREATH, PERCEPTIONS, and AUGUST RUINS. Click “Read more” for info on each release and links to the catalog pages on the label websites.

Catalog Page
Bakker, Iannaccone, Evans, Fairlie-Kennedy, Dal porto
Navona Records NV5907

DANCES OF ETERNITY presents a group of orchestral works by composers who explore music’s potential to capture the more overlooked aspects of human experience. Ranging from representations of optimism and energy to the surging power of nostalgia, to lighthearted frolics and the eternality of life, DANCES OF ETERNITY asks the listener to ponder life, death, and everything in between.

Catalog Page
Beth Levin
Navona Records NV5908

Praised for her “boldly inflected readings” (Jeremy Eichler, New York Times), “powerful technique” (Allan Kozinn, New York Times), and “purely pianistic panache” (Richard Dyer, Boston Globe), New York-based pianist Beth Levin has honed her interpretive and expressive skills since her days as a child prodigy in Philadelphia. Beethoven’s Sonatas 30-32 (Op. 109, 110, and 111), famously composed “in a single breath,” serve as fitting source material for Levin to express her skill, exploring the emotionally complex works with originality, grace, and respectful interpretation of Beethoven’s innovative and prescient brilliance.

Catalog Page
Rotolo, Dizon, Kaplan, McCarter, Barabba, Read
Navona Records NV5909

Music represents a dialogue between composer and listener, channeled through performance and observation. Much like in spoken conversation, the works in PERCEPTIONS present us with the revealing perspectives of their composers as told through small ensembles. The listener is presented with music that entrances, enkindles, jars, lingers, connects, and engrosses – perceptions both highly incisive and deeply personal.

Catalog Page

Peter Vukmirovic Stevens
Navona Records NV5912

Peter Vukmirovic Stevens is a composer whose music is informed and guided by deep connections with visual media, literature, travel, and works by composers past and present. AUGUST RUINS, an album of Stevens’ works for solo cello, gives these influences life through the cello’s unequivocal range and timbre, allowing for a raw, isolated expression of emotion, history, and visual beauty unencumbered by accompaniment. Reflecting on modern times, Stevens crafted each piece to take advantage of the extensive techniques for cello to create a musical atmosphere at once expansive, dramatic, and original, highlighting both the importance of the individual and their presence within the unfathomable size of time and place.

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