April 2012 Release Day

We are proud to announce the release of our April 2012 albums on Navona, Ravello, and Big Round! NAZCA AND OTHER WORKS, THE WELL-TEMPERED CLAVIER, BOOK 1: A COMPOSER’S APPROACH, MANHATTAN PROJECTIONS, WINTER & CONSTRUCTION, NIGHT OF LIGHT, MARIKA GROOVE, AND CON MOTO, VOL. 2 are now available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and many others. Click “Read More” for more information on each release.

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Navona Records NV5872

NAZCA AND OTHER WORKS, Sergio Cervetti’s second release on Navona Records, draws from the composer’s South American heritage to present four orchestral works on scale with the wondrous Nazca Lines in Peru. The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra under conductors Vit Micka and Petr Vronský interpret the works with aplomb, and sopranos Alena Hellerova and Eva Kolkova provide moving vocals to texts by Juan Zorrilla de San Martin and Nezahualcoyotl.

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Navona Records NV5869

We’ve all heard countless variations of J.S. Bach’s ubiquitous Well-Tempered Clavier, from a subtle grace note added to Prelude in C# minor to a dramatic pause added to the Fugue in A major. On this three-disc release, composer and pianist Don Freund takes Book 1 of Bach’s masterpiece and offers performance and analysis with “A Composer’s Approach,” a unique, critical eye for a series of pieces that are typically viewed through the lens of a performer. Freund’s composer-centric piano interpretations of the complete Book 1 are accompanied by a third disc, a video series of “lessons” that provide deeper insight into the master’s works and process of composition.

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Big Round Records BR8922

Big Round Records is proud to announce its reissue of Andy Jaffe’s MANHATTAN PROJECTIONS, an album of the jazz composer/pianist’s works for small band repertoire. Jaffe has been praised for his bold harmonic leaps and deft understanding of the intricacies of writing for both big and small band. The composer’s skill with written music is fully backed by the performers on this disc, including Branford Marsalis, Wallace Roney, and Marvin “Smitty” Smith at the early stages of their careers.

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Scott Brickman
Ravello Records RR723

Throughout his musical career and childhood, American composer Scott Brickman has gathered influences ranging from the European-American classical tradition of the 2nd Viennese School to Elvis Costello and The Beatles. On WINTER & CONSTRUCTION, his debut release on Ravello Records, Brickman maintains these disparate influences and brings them together into well-crafted whole to craft sharp, pointed, and modernistic 12-tone pieces for guitar, piano, and violin.

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Sophia Serghi
Navona Records NV5866

NIGHT OF LIGHT is the debut solo release from Cypriot composer Sophia Serghi featuring five of her works for orchestra and voice. Serghi’s compositions are adeptly performed by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra under conductor Vit Micka, with sopranos Alena Hellerová and Lucie Silkenova and mezzo soprano Eliska Weissova.


Mika Yoshida
Big Round Records BR8923

Chick Corea’s “Marika Groove,” with marimbist Mika Yoshida, drummer Steve Gadd, bassist Eddie Gomez, and clarinetist Richard Stoltzman, captures the brilliance of both the composer and performers in a sprawling cut with constant interplay between the instruments and melodic marimba lines, which Yoshida navigates with ease. Big Round Records is proud to release the premiere recording of “Marika Groove,” the second release in our catalog from the Yoshida-Gadd-Gomez trio and the second work by Corea featured on the label.


Various Artists
Ravello Records RR7830

CON MOTO, VOL. II is a the second release in the Ravello Records Con Moto series of digital releases featuring unreleased works for orchestra and ensemble. Included on this volume are the modern orchestral and ensemble compositions of Stephen Kemp, Stephen Rush, Larry Barnes, Raymond E. Fahrner, HyeKyung Lee, and Paula Diehl. All of the pieces on this release are completely original, contemporary compositions for orchestra, ensemble, and solo instruments.

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