Album Artwork: Not Just Art for Art’s Sake

It is easy to think that all it takes to create engaging album artwork is just finding the perfect image and adding some typography.  In truth, of course, there is so much more involved in the process than initially meets the eye. The overall image has to be well thought-out and connect conceptually with the music, title of the release, and the individual taste of the artist.  The album artwork isn’t just art for art’s sake; it comes from an attentive thought process and investigation of the music, concept, and overall atmosphere of the album. 

There are many elements that we consider to help manipulate the overall mood of the artwork.  Color, texture, shape, proportion and contrast can either subtly or drastically alter the mood of an image.  The cover artwork for Tony R. Clef’s TUESDAY AFTERNOON on Big Round Records utilizes several of these factors to not only create a distinct and vibrant cover, but also generate a strong sentimental response.  Accentuating the saturation and vibrancy of the colors, layering a large transparent circular sun, and adding a distressed texture make the image anything but ordinary, and give true feeling to the overall album.  Looking at the album, one can strongly grasp the nostalgic feeling of a warm late afternoon in summer, which greater intensifies the overall experience of the music.

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