A New Classical Instrument

Guest Post by PARMA Intern Alycia B.

The creation of new instruments is an essential part to contemporary music. 

We’ve seen the Theremin, electronic adaptations of instruments and even vegetable instruments created for the sake of new music. So what is the next classical instrument? Click “Read More” to find out!

The Vuvuzela originated in South Africa from the Kudu horn. The Kudu horn was used to gather village members of the same tribe for community gatherings. Since then, the Vuvuzela has transformed from a useful tool made of animal horn to a mass-produced noisemaker made of plastic.

Now by this point, you’re probably thinking that there is no way that she can be serious. The Vuvuzela as a new classical instrument? In the following videos, you will find 5 different pieces played on Vuvuzela. The videos are mini-lectures about the Vuvuzela and performances of a few well-known pieces such as Telemann’s Trumpet Concerto in D major, and Haydn’s Quartet No. 62. 

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