3 PARMA Albums Earn Silver Medals in The Global Music Awards!

PARMA is extremely excited to announce that Matej Meštrović’s 4 SEASONS FOR 3 PIANOS, Christopher Nichols’ ELEGIA, and Carmine Miranda and Boris Abramov’s upcoming November release MOZART/BEETHOVEN, have all received Silver Medals in The Global Music Awards for “Outstanding Achievement.”

The Global Music Awards is, as they say, “music’s golden seal of approval.” GMA reviews music ranging from world, to classical, to jazz.

Earlier this year, pianist and composer Zhen Chen also received the Silver Medal for his album April release ERGO.

The Global Music Awards have been a huge supporter of our music and have gone out of their way to interact with us and our artists online saying, “We are always happy to get a package in the mail from [PARMA] Recordings because we know it will be a high quality entry!”

Or like this response to Carmine Miranda’s tweet about receiving the award…

Christopher Nichols‘ released his debut Navona Records release on September 8th. With the album only being out on the streams for two weeks, this Silver Medal is extremely exciting news. Nichols comments on the release in “The Inside Story,” saying  “Every work on this disc has some connection to my life and career in Delaware” since relocating there in 2013.

Another exciting album released in 4 SEASONS FOUR 3 PIANOS, composed by Matej Meštrović,  is an adaption on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. On its release day, the album was placed on Spotify’s “Classical New Releases” playlist, garnering the album over 150,000 streams. And just this morning, Meštrović and the album were featured on a major Croatian media network.

For Carmine Miranda, this is not the only Global Music Award he has received. When his Navona Records album SCHUMANN | DVOŘÁK was released, he was awarded the Global Music Awards Gold Medal for “Best in Show” and racked up over one million streams on Spotify, and counting! With the release of MOZART/BEETHOVEN, also featuring violinist Boris Abramov, over a month out, we are more than excited to see what successes are to come. 

Congratulations to Christopher Nichols, Matej Meštrović, Carmine Miranda, and Boris Abramov for their “Outstanding Achievement.” We are proud to be a part of their journey.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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