Mark John McEncroe ~ Dark Clouds in Life

Today is release day here at PARMA! Congratulations to all over our March artists, like debut PARMA artist Mark John McEncroe with his DARK CLOUDS IN LIFE. Take a look.

a closer listen

cvrDark Clouds in Life is a rare creature, an album about depression that isn’t depressing.  Through it all ~ and especially in the album’s core, “Natalie’s Suite” ~ the composer remains empathetic and above all, hopeful.  Due to its approach, the suite is the antithesis of Max Richter’s lovely Three Worlds, which honors Virginia Woolf but closes on her suicide.

The impetus for the album is a second generation of addiction and depression.  Years after struggling with these illnesses himself, Mark John McEncroe watched helplessly as his own daughter Natalie fell prey to the same diseases.  Thankfully, both are on the mend.  But as the liner notes make abundantly clear, one never fully conquers these demons; they lurk beneath the surface, waiting for an opportunity to reemerge.

The first few notes of “Facing the Demons” are as stark as can be, striking from the left side of the piano…

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