Carollo’s Music Intense, Deceptively Creative

A great review for John Carollo’s STARRY NIGHT!


starry-nightCAROLLO: Starry Night for String Orchestra. Anguish (in Every Household). Transcendence (in the Age of War)* Nothing Shall Come of This / Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra; Peter Vronsky, *Jan Kucéra, conductors / Quartet No. 1: A Worded Grey Enigma / Vit Muzik, violinist; Marian Pavlik, cellist; Lucie Kaucka, pianist; Ales Janecek, clarinetist / Moravian Sax in the Afternoon / Brno Saxophone Quartet / Navona Records NV5844

Having been impressed by John Carollo’s trumpet-guitar duo Burlesque on the Abrazo CD I reviewed last year, I was curious to hear this album devoted entirely to his music. I was not disappointed. Carollo, who worked full time as a mental health counselor for the State of Hawaii, turned his attentions to music in 1997 when he began private composition lessons with Dr. Robert Wehrman. In 9006 he retired from his state job in order to devote himself full time to composition.

The music…

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