PARMA is for Lovers

PARMA is a company comprised of musicians, artists, and hopeless romantics.  If we know anything, it’s music, and if we know anything else, it’s love.  Ever since we saw John Cusack hold that boombox on high, we’ve been on the long, emotional climb to this playlist.
Love takes many forms in music, be it a celebration of a longtime love as in Rain Worthington’s “Within a Dance…” or a recollection of a far off time as in Juan Alamo’s “Memories of an Unforgettable Love.”  There’s grand orchestral love which get’s shouted from the rooftops.  There’s a quiet, personal, internal love.  There is the vocal confession of love.  There is the love of music itself.  All of these are represented here in selections from Navona, Ravello, and Big Round Records.  
As always, I’ve included a few pop hits alongside these contemporary works (including a little J. Geils Band for our single listeners).  
Enjoy this Valentines day playlist and celebrate with some beautiful music.

Because after all….
PARMA is for lovers.

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