2014 PARMA Anthology of Music

PARMA is pleased to announce the 2014 PARMA Anthology of Music, a resource for students, instructors, performers, and ensembles to discover works for brass quintet by young and emerging composers.
Started as a direct response to the large number of well-crafted and inspired scores we received for the inaugural PARMA Student Composer Competition in 2012, the PARMA Anthology of Music was established in order to recognize and bring attention to these composers, these creators of phenomenal and innovative works, new amalgamations of styles and genres, new conceptions of form and structure, and new methods of expression and execution.
The criteria for this year’s Anthology were basic and clear:  all applicants had to be 30 years old or younger and must actively be studying composition, while the submitted pieces must be scored for brass quintet and have a duration of no more than 10 minutes. The reason for this was that we wanted ensembles and performers to have easy access to new compositions such as these, pieces that are modest in size and scope (if not in musical language or compositional ambition), programmable, performable, and optimized for public presentation.
Additionally, we would like to extend a warm congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner of the contest which yielded this collection, Michael Mikulka. Michael’s piece “To Throw” is an inspired and finely honed work which builds to a point of precise repetition, and represents not only the quality of works submitted to the Competition but also the fearlessness with which so many modern composers approach their work and art.
As the Grand Prize Winner, “To Throw” was premiered at the 2014 PARMA Music Festival by the Redline Brass Quintet on stage at The Music Hall in Portsmouth NH.
We invite you to share, program, and perform the works included in this year’s Anthology, and to support the appreciation of new music:

And check out the previous years’ anthologies as well:

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