June 2013 Release: NOVA Society of Composers Inc.

Catalog Page

Navona Records is proud to present NOVA, the 27th edition of the acclaimed Society of Composers, Inc. CD Series and the third SCI release on Navona. 

This entry in the series features chamber works by eight SCI composers:Phillip Schroeder‘s Metaphors, a musical adaptation of the nonlinear poetry of Marck L. Beggs; Vera Ivanova‘s Aftertouch, an exploration of the sensitivity of piano keys under different pressures; Mark Engebretson‘s Two Duos, a study combining traditional and modern means of working with harmony; Chan Ji Kim‘s 9 Years, an homage to mentorship and musical development; Leonard Mark LewisThree Etudes for Piano, a study of timbre and pianistic technique; Aleksander Sternfeld-Dunn‘s Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano, a “pure music” piece blending traditional and modern melodic language; Piotr Szewczyk‘s Apparitions, a musical portrait of ghostly apparitions floating through a forest; and Alan Chan‘s Daughter’s Lullaby, a musical setting of Nicky Schildkraut’s story of a girl’s journey as a Korean child adopted by Western parents.
You can hear selections from NOVA here:

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