2013 PARMA Anthology of Music

“So classical music is dead, huh? Tell that to the outstanding, inspiring, talented, and very much alive composers who were selected for this year’s PARMA Anthology.” PARMA CEO Bob Lord

In light of Bob’s words, PARMA Recordings is pleased to announce the release of the 2013 PARMA Anthology of Music, which features nine works for string quartet and one work for solo violin by ten contemporary composers.

These ten original pieces, chosen from submissions in the 2013 Student Composer Competition, represent new music by up and coming composers. These compositions showcase the innovation and forward-thinking ethos of today’s young composers.

The 2013 PARMA Anthology of Music provides downloadable scores and parts, as well as interactive viewable scores, composer biographies, and program notes. The 2013 PARMA Anthology of Music is a great resource for musicians, composers, and scholars alike to access some of the most recent work in classical music.

The 2013 PARMA Anthology of Music includes the following composers and works:  

  • Miguel Angel Bezanilla Naranjo | Sollicitudo for string quartet
  • David Biedenbender | Surface Tension for string quartet
  • Nikolet Burzyńska | Kango for solo violin
  • Kai-Young Chan | Ignis Fatuus for string quartet 
  • Melody Eötvös | Olbers Dance in the Dark for string quartet
  • J.M Gerraughty | Unquiet for string quartet 
  • Anthony Green | Chance for string quartet
  • Joel Love | Lux for string quartet
  • Tina Tallon | selective defrosting for string quartet 
  • Zackery Wilson | A Soul Still Yearns for string quartet

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