Festival Overview
Day 3: Saturday, August 17th

Exactly one month ago, the inaugural PARMA Music Festival wrapped up in Portsmouth NH. It was a sunny and serene summer day that transitioned into a clear night.

The day began with the SCI Paper Sessions at The Portsmouth Music Hall Loft.

This showcase featured live paper presentations by SCI Composers listed below:

Recursive Structure in PROLOGUE by Grisey written by Brian Penkrot
Long Time, Waiting to Hear the Sound written by Scott Robbins
Disruption and Development: Pitch Processes in the Music of Ellen Taaffe Zwilich written by Jessica Rudman
Considering the Improvisational Relationship in Modern Classical Music: Improvisational Invitations in the works of Glass, Golijov, and Kim written by Elliot Sneider
Listening origins, habits, and habitus written by Mark Zanter
I Don’t Want to Write Old Man’s Music: Postmodern Treatments of American Popular Culture in Recent Works of Mark-Anthony Turnage written by Kevin Zhang

The Music Hall Loft was the perfect venue for the days events – PARMA Licensing took the stage next and discussed Licensing and the Music Industry.

This event consisted of a panel discussion by Director of PARMA Licensing Jacob Weinreb and the PARMA Licensing Team moderated by Ovidiu Marinescu. The team talked about a variety of hot topics in today’s licensing and publishing industries as well as the ins and outs of PARMA’s Licensing Program.

The event segued into the PARMA Licensing Showcase. The showcase featured music that has been placed in films, advertising, television, and on the internet by PARMA. Performers included Scott Pender, Xenia Dunford, The Dejas, Sarah Blacker, Dave Hunter, Dan Blakeslee and Will Dailey.

Will Dailey and Dan Blakeslee at the Music Hall Loft
Will Dailey

Later that day, SCI Concert 5 (Tonal Recall) was held at the Loft. It featured electroacoustic music from SCI and PARMA Composers, listed below:

Computerondo – John Akins
Ujo Imu III – Young-Shin Choi
Poetic Soundscapes – Ken Davies
Automatic Prelude No. 2 – Nathan Davis
Music From Wind Devil & Co. – Sergio Cervetti
S.R.B.C.P. – Gil Dori
Schizocosa – Garret Hope
Audible Desserts – Joshua Tomlinson

Looking fondly back to the day, the festival concluded with the main event at the Portsmouth Music Hall Historic Theater. This amazing event featured classical, jazz and modern music with premieres from Lukas Foss, 2013 Student Composer Competition Winner Tina Tallon, Martin Schlumpf and more. A complete program can be viewed below:

Will Dailey on guitar
Ovidiu Marinescu on cello
Ceremonial Fanfare – Arthur Gottschalk performed by Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra Brass and Percussion; John Page, conductor
Works for jazz ensemble performed by Portsmouth Music and Arts Center Jazz Ensemble: Taylor O’Donnell, vocals; Matt Langley, Eric Klaxton, saxes; Chris Klaxton, trumpet; Jim Dozet, guitar; Nate Therrien, bass; Mike Walsh, drums
selective defrosting – Tina Tallon performed by Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra String Quartet: Zoia Bologovsky, violin; Amy Ripka, violin; Justin Ouellet, viola; Dorothy Braker, cello
Streams – Martin Schlumpf performed by PARMA Orchestra; John Page, conductor; Matthias Müller, clarinet; David Taylor, bass trombone
Harp Concerto – Alberto Ginastera performed by Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra; John Page, conductor; Anna DeLoi, harp
Elegy for Clarinet and Orchestra – Lukas Foss performed by Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra; John Page, conductor; Richard Stoltzman, clarinet
Danzón No. 2 – Arturo Márquez performed by Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra; John Page, conductor

Ovidiu Marinescu
Matthias Müller and the PARMA Orchestra – John Page, Conductor
Matthias Müller, Martin Schlumpf, David Taylor
Anna DeLoi
Richard Stoltzman

Conductor John Page

Thank you to everyone who was a part of the festival.  It was an unforgettable experience and we will see you next year!

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