October Releases on Navona, Ravello, and Big Round Records

PARMA Recordings and our three label imprints are pleased to announce the release of 5 inspiring and diverse albums from new and veteran PARMA artists.  Our October releases see the sophomore release from Yves Ramette and the debut efforts of Mark WInges, Richard Lavenda, Robert Dusek and the Larksong Trio.  Click “read more” to learn about and hear samples from the album.

On Navona Records

Yves Ramette
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WITH PASSION is the latest release from Navona Records featuring the works of French composer Yves Ramette (1921-2012). Exquisitely beautiful, these cascading works for solo piano stand alone within a palate of tine, color, and space that Mr. Ramette crafted and honed throughout his studies and professional career.

Says pianist Eric Himy, “I came to realize that Yves Ramette seems to have stayed in a place of his own…simply impervious to criticism. His musical vision is a surrealist’s idea of fantasy with his fresh, wonderfully innocent outlook on the world…extremely transparent crystalline drops of sounds evoking his Gallic roots and inspirations (Debussy, Ravel, Messaien). In the end, Ramette’s compositions seem to be objects that exist in space rather than in time.” Mr. Ramette passed away in June 2012 and is survived by his wife, Maryse. PARMA Recordings is proud to honor this exceptional composer’s legacy with this collection, and is currently in production on his symphonic output for future release.

Visit the WITH PASSION web application to access the digital booklet, study scores, extended liner notes, and more. 

On Ravello Records

Mark Winges
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NIGHT VOICED, the new release by San Francisco composer Mark Winges, is a collection of warm sounding and texturally rich works featuring the viola in a lush variety of solo, duo, and trio contexts.

The title of the album is based on the individual composition of the same name, which is from a poem by Carolyn Forché, “a viola, night-voiced, calls into its past but nothing comes,” and reflects the often nocturnal feeling of the program. Other titles such as wary-gliding, ghostly, “Melted Red, Frozen Black”, and “Here (marginally buoyant),” offer a hint of the delightful vignettes and turns the music takes along the way.

Mark Winges is resident composer/advisor for the chamber choir Volti and has recently received commissions from the Verge Ensemble (Washington, DC) and Earplay (San Francisco). He is also active as a freelance organist. He has studies at the College-Conservatory of Music (Cincinnati), San Francisco State University, and the Musikhögskolan in Stockholm, Sweden.

Richard Lavenda 
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CHIAROSCURO, Chamber Music by Richard Lavenda is a bright and engaging new album of some of composer Richard Lavenda’s favorite chamber works–all written for personal friends. The title track refers to the visual art technique of a strong contrast between dark and light, and this motif aptly describes the listening experience.

The opening quartet, written for the unusual ensemble of alto flute, bassoon, vibraphone, and double bass, is bold–says the composer, “CHIAROSCURO explores many of the timbre and textural combinations afforded me by the unusual ensemble we created. The alternating fast and slow sections differ in affect and character, and while I would hesitate to label either as the light or the dark areas that define the eponymous painting style there certainly are audible shadowings, blurred borders, and complementarities.”

A native of New Jersey, Lavenda received degrees from Dartmouth College, Rice University, and the University of Michigan. He joined the faculty of the Shepherd School of Music, Rice University in 1987, where he is Professor of Composition and Theory.

Robert Dusek, Bryan Pezzone
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RUNES, the new album by composer Robert Dusek and pianist Bryan Pezzone, is a compilation of specially selected solo piano works, and provides the listener with an immersive and cohesive listening experience. Often sparse, sometimes impetuous – “The music is at once very stark, and then seems to propel itself to the next scene or chapter with some unseen, and unheard, energy,” says PARMA Recordings Lead Producer, Andy Happel.

Several stand-alone works appear, cleverly embedded, in the twelve-song program. Track one is a prelude-and our journey begins. Tracks two through four constitute, separately, Dusek’s Piano Sonata No. 2, and after an intermezzo, the listener receives the Piano Sonata No. 3. Tracks seven, eight, and nine: “After the Rain,” “Cloud Chaser,” and “Light” constitute a larger embedded work, Autumn Sky. The album sets the audience down gently with a gorgeous and meditative postlude.

Robert Dusek is the recipient of numerous awards and honors in composition, including Columbia University’s Bearns Prize, the ASCAP Raymond-Hubbard Award, an A.H.A.B. – the Neodata Fellowship for his Symphony No. 1, and others. His music has been performed world wide and recorded by such groups as North-South Consonance and the Warsaw Philharmonic.

On Big Round Records

The Larksong Trio
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HOMEWARD BOUND, the new album from The Larksong Trio (Peggo Horstmann Hodes singing soprano, Jennifer Yeaton-Parris playing the flute, and Calvin Herst on the piano), is a heart-warming collection of art songs, love songs, and American and Celtic folk songs.

The title track sets a beautifully serene tone for the program order with a gentle background of piano and flute supporting the tender lyrics in Homeward Bound. “Old American Songs” (Simple Gifts, The Little Horses, I Bought Me a Cat) arranged by Aaron Copland; For Eternity, a love song by Richard Gardzina; In My Life, by the Beatles, all contribute to the gentle journey of the album. The listener is treated to familiar Celtic favorites, Scarborough Fair, Danny Boy and Greensleeves, among others. The album closes with a set of “New Old American Folk Songs,” composed for the Larksong Trio by William Fletcher, including the bouncy and joyful Ezekiel Saw th’ Wheel.

The Larksong Trio members are all classically trained, expressive, world-class musicians. Together, they enjoy an engaging irreverence and spiritual connection that tugs at your heart and brings you home.

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